Professional Experience

I’m Bonnie and I am open to research collaborations about astrobiology, organic matter, education and science communication. Please email me for outreach enquiries

PhD, UNSW Sydney, awarded April 2022

Professional Experience

Casual Academic, UNSW
(2018 – current)
I have worked on several courses at UNSW with duties ranging from being a teacher’s aide, to helping write and develop the course and assignments, and to running the “Introduction to Communicating Science” course. In these roles I developed aspects of assignments to be more authentic, resulting in a sharp increase in student performance. In the year that I ran the Communicating Science course we had outstanding student feedback (as seen below)

The subjects I have taught at UNSW are:
*’BEES2680: Introduction to Communicating Science’ (T2, 2020 (25 students))
*‘BEES2741: Introduction to Astrobiology’ (T2, 2019 (85 students))
*‘BEES6800: Communicating Science’ (T1 (48 students), T3 2019 (40 students), T1 2020 (30 students))
*‘BEES6741: Astrobiology: Life in the Universe’ (T2, 2018) 78 students
‘GEOS1111: Fundamentals of Geology’ (T2, 2018)
* denotes an online unit.

Casual Academic, Macquarie University
(2016 – 2020)
I have taught face to face and marked assessments at Macquarie University over the course of four years. This teaching included in the classroom and in field school.
‘GEOS2042: Life, The Universe and Everything’ (T1, 2016-2020) online only in 2020
‘GEOS226: Introduction to Field Geology’ (Summer School, 2017)

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